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PacoPaella -> Blanca/Negra...puzzle? (Feb. 5 2005 13:10:56)

Hi everyone,

while reading another thread where the old "Blancas sound this way, negras sound this way" thing came up again, and in spite of the new abilities to record audio and video, i wondered wether those with cameras or at least half way decent mics could do the following:
- record yourself on video playing some scales slowly (i.e., dont show your playing skills but rather let people focus on the sound of the guitar)
- extract the audio and post it here without naming the type
- maybe have a poll wether people believe its a blanca or negra
- after a week or so, post the corresponding video

alternatively a photo of the guitar could do, too...since i dont have a decent mic i cant start with this though i happen to have an instrument here i'd like you to guess on [;)]

I would find that pretty interesting. Anyone care to invest some minutes? Thanks![:D]

Thomas Whiteley -> RE: Blanca/Negra...puzzle? (Feb. 5 2005 15:15:02)

Presume a recording is perfect in every respect. The recording is reproduced on a computer. What audio card and speakers are being used? That is a limiting factor in determining true audio reproduction.

PacoPaella -> RE: Blanca/Negra...puzzle? (Feb. 5 2005 21:07:10)


my idea is that i would like to know wether or not the experts in here can tell a blanca from a negra flamenco guitar. I think that conventional recording methods as we have seen them in several uploaded mp3's here are more than enough; if one cant tell by their quality, he cant tell at all IMHO. My guess is that its impossible...i recall seeing similar "Blind" tests on beer, and lately when some well known computer magazine got tired of the constant whining of "audiophile" magazine writers they invited them to try a blind test of CD vs. Vinyl vs. mp3. The results were really amusing (in fact only one person, a sound technician who is blind and seems to have perfect hearing ability was able to reliably tell when he heard a CD and when it was an mp3 - where reliably was a hit rate in the 70%'s iirc).

Just curious wether its really in the wood, or maybe in the form of the guitar. Maybe i am alone with that though, dunno.

abraham -> RE: Blanca/Negra...puzzle? (Feb. 5 2005 21:55:41)

I share your view on this matter Paco.
Often the online guitar sellers put mp3 sound sample next to their guitars. Those samples say absolutely nothing to me about the guitars.

Here is a simple test:
Download the mp3 sound clips from
Then try to guess the prices by listening to the clips.

Escribano -> RE: Blanca/Negra...puzzle? (Feb. 6 2005 9:22:01)


CD vs. Vinyl vs. mp3

I'm with Tom on this one, there are so many factors, and to be a little picky MP3 at 128 kbps is CD quality, I assume this test was at a higher compression.

Not sure anyone hear has claimed that they can distinguish a blanca from a negra from a recording but a negra has rosewood back and sides - a negra by one luthier may have different quality of wood and bracing to a blanca from another. A negra should have a little more sustain and is favoured for solo work. A blanca is considered "mas flamenco".

PacoPaella -> RE: Blanca/Negra...puzzle? (Feb. 6 2005 18:20:04)


Not sure anyone hear has claimed that they can distinguish a blanca from a negra

Not that i know of...thiis isnt about proving anyone wrong or so, i am just curious because i for one can certainly NOT tell the difference.

A negra should have a little more sustain and is favoured for solo work. A blanca is considered "mas flamenco".

Yes and thats the part i keep stumbling about. Anyhow there doesnt seem to be much interest so i let it rest until i am able to record something myself [8D]

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