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Northern Rock -> Ian Davies / Harpocean (Sep. 22 2010 12:09:43)

Anyone out there have any pieces by Ian Davis published in the 80,s by Harpocean.
I have stated else where how much I rate the Two volumes I have
Vol 2 Bulerias/ Granainas
Vol 3 Alegrias/ Verdiales
I know nine volumes were advertised put only 3 or 4 actually published ,and since Harpocean have diserpeared !
Can any one help , I would pay or have lots to trade for any further pieces .
Also any recordings by Ian who him self has sadly passed on .

Many thanks Craig

memeself -> RE: Ian Davies / Harpocean (Sep. 22 2010 13:54:24)

Hi Craig,
I have volume 1, soleares por ariba/sevillanas. I also have vol 2 and vol 3. They're not something I use and would be happy to swap for something else.
Regards, Mick.

Northern Rock -> RE: Ian Davies / Harpocean (Sep. 26 2010 13:47:55)

Dear Mick
Thankyou for your reply, have e-mailed U regards this let me know if you recieve it
all the best to you and every one at Foro Flamenco

aw2014 -> RE: Ian Davies / Harpocean (Oct. 11 2014 17:14:48)

Helpfull Stuff > Sources by Ian Davis http://www.southendflamenco.co.uk/pages/ian_davies.htm

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