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Man of Mystery -> info on "Guermantes" luthier? (Nov. 28 2004 9:47:21)


My father recently died, and I came to possess the only personal item of his I ever wanted to remember him by - his old Spanish guitar.

It is not specifically a Flamenco guitar, although I did hear him try to play Flamenco on it [and I myself stumble through a clumsy Soleares from time to time!], as well as classical pieces by the likes of Tarrega and Ponce.

However, the guitar itself is a bit of a mystery.

He bought it several decades ago. He certainly had it in the 1950s, and may even have bought it as long ago as 1946. I have no picture of it at present, but I can say that it has a label saying simply: "Guermantes. Guitarrero a mano." No date, no serial number, no signature.

He bought it from the shop of Ivor Mairants in London, and one suggestion I have heard is that it was a "house brand" made specially for Mairants. But by whom?

Another suggestion is that it was one of many turned out in the mid-20c by one of the factories in Valencia, and that the suggestion of "hand-made" on the label is misleading.

If anyone has any further suggestions about the guitar, I would be interested to hear them.

Escribano -> info on "Guermantes" luthier? - welcome to the forum (Nov. 28 2004 13:24:24)

I hope you find the answers you seek.

Man of Mystery -> RE: info on "Guermantes" luthier? (Nov. 28 2004 17:11:42)

Gracias. Yo tambien!

[That's the full extent of my knowledge of Spanish, by the way!]

Skai -> RE: info on "Guermantes" luthier? (Nov. 29 2004 1:04:58)

Hey you're the guy I directed to this forum from UG. Welcome and hope you'll learn something from these pros. You will if you try.. [:)]

Skai [8D]

Man of Mystery -> RE: info on "Guermantes" luthier? (Nov. 30 2004 7:40:50)

That's me! Hi there!

I must confess I'm not getting very far. No definite answers, but plenty of suggestions.

I have been trying to upload a jpg of the guitar here, without much success. If I don't manage it this time, please feel free [Skai or anybody] to email me for a copy -

Escribano -> RE: info on "Guermantes" luthier? (Nov. 30 2004 10:18:17)


I have been trying to upload a jpg of the guitar here

What's the problem?

Man of Mystery -> RE: info on "Guermantes" luthier? (Dec. 3 2004 18:07:41)

It didn't work. I'll have another try...

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