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RobJe -> Left and right (Feb. 18 2010 6:07:28)

I have read that it would be impossible to convert a right handed guitar to left handed if the guitar had an asymmetric top bracing pattern? Is this true? Are the treble and base responses linked to the characteristics different of parts of the top or are both dependent on the characteristics of the whole top?

aarongreen -> RE: Left and right (Feb. 18 2010 9:41:21)

That is untrue. Sonically there will not be a difference. You can test this very easily by switching around the strings on your guitar.

The real issue though is the neck and fingerboard. Many necks are asymmetric and due to the action difference between treble and bass strings, the fingerboard is shaped with that in mind, as is the bridge in many cases.

RobJe -> RE: Left and right (Feb. 20 2010 3:40:25)

Thanks for the reply. It is what I suspected. So I suppose a coversion on a well made guitar would need new fingerboard, nut and saddle at least.

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