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Rob -> Nunez in Scotland!!! (Oct. 23 2004 17:49:23)

Don't tell the admin people at the Dundee Guitar Festival, but I have heard that they have booked Gerardo Nunez for a concert and (possible, tbc) workshop. Should happen sometime in July. Publicity will follow later. Just thought I'd share with you my insider knowledge!


Jim Opfer -> RE: Nunez in Scotland!!! (Oct. 23 2004 18:50:59)

Good shout, see you there!
What's your new address?


Ron.M -> RE: Nunez in Scotland!!! (Oct. 23 2004 20:26:36)

Hey Rob,
I was just thinking about you man! Que Pasa?
Jeezus..Nuñez doing a workshop in Dundee??
Christ! How is he gonna pace it?
I'd imagine you'd see Nuñez if you were already a brilliant Flamenco Guitarist and just wanted some pointers as to economical fingering and tone production!!
But for us lot?
A bit like taking an O Level student to see Albert Einstein for some tips on Theoretical Physics LOL!


Anyway....what are you up to these days Rob?



Rob -> RE: Nunez in Scotland!!! (Oct. 24 2004 12:56:17)

Hi Guys and Gals,

I've moved to Edinburgh. Visitors welcome:

2 Orchard Brae Gardens West, EH4 2HL

See new website:

So, Nunez in Dundee? Doesn't come much more surreal than that. I like to think that I had a hand in getting him booked as I turned the guys at the festival office onto a few flamenco giants. Also tried to get Vicente Amigo. If the turnout for Nunez is good, then maybe VA in 2006... There are two things to consider. Either sign up for the festival for a week - mainly classical, some electric guitar, and that would get you in a good position to get to play to Nunez. Otherwise, just come for the concert and watch some poor bugger shake his way through a workshop the next day! Having said that, none of this is official yet, so I don't know how thay will run things.

I know what you mean, Ron, what the hell would you play to a guy of that stature? I'm sure, though, that he would be delighted to hear a Scotsman playing a bulerias. Why not? If you were as good as him, you wouldn't be playing in a workshop. It would be great if you and Jim played to him, but if you don't want to - fine, just turn up for the gig. Should be amazing.

And why don't our friends from England, Wales, Ireland and anywhere else come along as well? Dundee is about an hour's drive north of Edinburgh, and is a beautiful place (well, bits of it!).

Eventually news of the 2005 festival will be posted at or (can't remember off hand which), and I'll keep you posted.

If enough of you are interested in making it a five day flamenco guitar course under the banner of the DGF, they would be interested in hearing from you. They can't afford Nunez for a week, but maybe someone based in the UK who can teach for five days, whilst Nunez comes and does a gig...might be possible. How many of us would sign up for a five-day course?


El Craic -> RE: Nunez in Scotland!!! (Oct. 24 2004 19:47:58)

cool! can't completely guarantee what i would or wouldn't do until i compare prices with other options but of course i would be very interested and i'd likely make the trip anyway, at that time of year i don't think there's much else on. i could fly to edinburgh and err thumb a lift with someone who lives in the area.... [:)]

Jim Opfer -> RE: Nunez in Scotland!!! (Oct. 24 2004 22:45:37)


could fly to edinburgh and err

Not at all! fly to Glasgow and that's that.

Rob -> RE: Nunez in Scotland!!! (Oct. 25 2004 7:08:03)

Well, Dundee has an airport....actually, I'm not sure if you can fly direct to Dundee from Ireland, but you can from London City and Birmingham airports.


El Craic -> RE: Nunez in Scotland!!! (Oct. 25 2004 8:30:40)

Thanks Jimbo of course Glasgow maybe I should come see you sometime anyway!


Jim Opfer -> RE: Nunez in Scotland!!! (Oct. 26 2004 21:27:45)


maybe I should come see you sometime anyway!

No problem, any time.

My Grandfather was from Newery, maybe I should come see you and check out my family tree (en rama)?


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