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RobJe -> Water (Jan. 12 2010 9:28:42)

While I was away on holiday I had a burst water pipe causing considerable damage to my house. The cases of my 8 guitars were on a very wet carpet for some days but I don't think that much (if any) water entered the cases. I notice that an exisiting small crack in the front of one guitar has closed up. I suppose that this is do the the high humidiy in the house. I am running an industrial dehumidifier.
Are there any precautions that I should take to ensure that there are no problems in the long term?
I live in the UK.
Many thanks.

Anders Eliasson -> RE: Water (Jan. 12 2010 10:11:45)

Yes, make sure that your guitars dry up slowly, if not cracks.... Wood actually cracks the easyest when it suddenly dries after having been very humid.

Also, a good idea would be to get that crack you mention repaired

Peter Tsiorba -> RE: Water (Jan. 12 2010 10:52:17)


Agreed with Anders. I suggest the following:

Inspect the cases and make sure the interior of the case is not wet. Then, put the guitars back in the cases and leave them in there for a while, a week or so. That way, whatever moisture the guitars have absorbed, will be released slowly, and minimize the chance of stress cracks in your guitars.

RobJe -> RE: Water (Jan. 12 2010 12:37:12)

Thanks for advice - they will stay in cases. I have to have an operation on my index finger tomorrow so I won't be able to play for a while - good timing I suppose!

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