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BarkellWH -> Vicente Sanchis Flamenco Guitars (Dec. 7 2009 12:57:13)

I would be interested in opinions on Vicente Sanchis flamenco guitars. I started out on a Vicente Sanchis model 33 (three-piece back) and then purchased a model 40. I now have a Manuel Adalid blanca and a Vicente Carrillo negra in my main arsenal, but I kept my Vicente Sanchis 40 blanca because it has a nice sound, is very lightweight, and after I lowered the saddle, it plays well. Additionally, I have heard that Vicente Sanchis makes guitars for other houses, including Conde Hermanos (although I don't know for which Conde shop.)

Nevertheless, I have heard others speak negatively about Vicente Sanchis. My only negative observation (given my limited experience) is that the action may be a bit high. That, of course, usually can be corrected. In any case, just out of curiosity, what are others' experiences and opinions of Vicente Sanchis?



Stoney -> RE: Vicente Sanchis Flamenco Guitars (Dec. 7 2009 13:08:37)

My first and only Flamenco guitar was a Vicente Sanchis and I am still kicking myself for letting it go. I have seen quite a few nice guitars over the years but this was the nicest I've ever played.

Action Smaction - that can always be corrected. I had mine lowered with no problem.

Great Flamenco sound and feel.

Crying now.

orsonw -> RE: Vicente Sanchis Flamenco Guitars (Dec. 7 2009 13:45:02)

I believe it's not Vicente Sanchis but Ricardo Sanchis Carpio who has made guitars for Conde.

In my experience I've tried four or five Vicente Sanchis, he makes reasonable but not great lower end guitars.
I've tried several Ricardo Sanchis Carpio, he makes very good mid to higher end guitars. His sons Hermanos Sanchis Lopez make good guitars also and for other labels.

Michael1917 -> RE: Vicente Sanchis Flamenco Guitars (Dec. 8 2009 22:47:34)

With V. Sanchis guitars, I'm a little biased because I own one (41F) and used to own a 33F.

Nonetheless, I think it boils down to playing the instrument before purchase and ensuring that the set-up is correct. It would be hit or miss if you ordered one from the few dealers that carry them.

The 41F I have is very lightweight, about 2.5 pounds and is very loud with distinct trebles and basses. The action was way too high when I first got it and it has been lowered since then. The soundboard and back are bowed in construction, and it's all solid woods and ebony fretboard.

It has held up well and is a good mid-range guitar. I used to have a 33F and it also was a very nice guitar but was a bit overpriced, I think.

Overall, I recommend V. Sanchis if you can play the instrument and get it at a reasonable price, maybe a second-hand one with an approval period. I would not buy another new one at the prices today (I'm in USA). For the price of a new mid-to-high-end V.Sanchis, you can find a used Ramirez or Pedro de Miguel, as well as Ricard Sanchis Carpio, or Bernal.

BarkellWH -> RE: Vicente Sanchis Flamenco Guitars (Dec. 9 2009 10:06:19)

I appreciate the observations and opinions on Vicente Sanchis. As I mentioned in my original post, I, too, first owned a 33F, then I purchased a 40F. They have a very nice sound, particularly the trebles, and they are very lightweight. I have since picked up a couple of other flamencos (Vicente Carrillo negra and Manuel Adalid blanca), but I kept the Vicente Sanchis 40F. I think the main problem with Vicente Sanchis is that the set-up seems to be inconsistent, often with a very high action. But if you lower the action, they are nice mid-range guitars.



prnvalium -> RE: Vicente Sanchis Flamenco Guitars (Apr. 10 2010 22:28:50)

I have an A-2-F. The tone is good, it's lightweight spanish cypress and it sounds great strung with Savarez 520R strings. The only problem is the machine heads. The gears are made out of brass or something and the screw heads have rusted. I have never exposed the guitar to high humidity, moisture or condensation.

I'm curious to know where I can get replacement screws that won't rust. Anybody have any ideas?

I'm not all that knowledgeable about guitars, but it seems to me that if the oxidization continues, it will get into the head and cause more serious problems, so I have removed all rusty screws at the moment.

gounaro -> [Deleted] (Apr. 11 2010 12:21:33)

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gounaro -> RE: Vicente Sanchis Flamenco Guitars (Apr. 11 2010 12:23:43)

I have a Vicente Sanchis 15 (the cheapest one) and i'm very satisfied.. It has a very nice sound and it's very loud. I paid 250 euros and its a lot for the money.... Not regret for this buying cause the guitar has character![:D]

minordjango -> RE: Vicente Sanchis Flamenco Guitars (Apr. 11 2010 15:52:12)

doit didnt u buy one ?

the Fo2 ?

im keen on a 2f or 1 F whats the diff ?

they sound very reliable ?

minordjango -> RE: Vicente Sanchis Flamenco Guitars (Apr. 11 2010 15:54:29)

then the aim of a bellido, but how they compare with the workhorse guitars in spain .

i.e like the miguel pedro guitars ?

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