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Stoney -> Film Reccomendation - Lacho Drom (Nov. 26 2009 7:59:54)

Here's the first thread I've ever started here on the Foro Flamenco.
BTW I really like the site.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to see this movie "Lacho Drom" If you really want to see what "Gypsy" really means and trace the route and the music and culture of the Gypsies from India through the middle east and on into Europe, this is the film.


A quote from an on line film review I found................
Gatlif's Les Princes was an impressive addition to that small but fascinating genre, the gypsy film; since he was Romany himself, authenticity came easily. This film, whose title means 'safe journey', is another invaluable contribution, an impassioned, semi-allegorical odyssey traced, using one group of Roms after another, from India - by way of Egypt, Istanbul, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the annual pilgrimage to Saintes Maries de la Mer in the Camargue - to Spain. A document of customs, craftsmanship, costumes, faces and, most especially, song and dance, it's a musical celebration of the gypsies' sense of community and ability to survive in the face of upheaval, prejudice and persecution. Technically, the film, shot in numerous locations in 'Scope and stereo, is a triumph, transcending the staged nature of many sequences by means of colour and movement. Crucial to the film's success, however, is the music, not only as an expression of the gypsies' feelings about distance, love, exile, history and hope, but glorious in its own right. Only the cavalier way with bird song on the soundtrack and the sentimental use of a non-Romany mother and child in the Hungarian episode ring false. Otherwise, it's a joy.

You can see some of it on youtube. The flamenco stuff is really cool as is the Gypsy Jazz amoung others.


val -> [Deleted] (Nov. 26 2009 10:22:47)

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danilo -> RE: Film Reccomendation - Lacho Drom (Nov. 26 2009 11:46:07)

Tony Gatlif Is an algerian gypsy and I think all his films are "gypsy-themed".
"Vengo" is one of my favourites, about an andalusian clan, with Tomatito, La Paquera, La Caita, Antonio Canales and many others..
Another favourite is "Swing" which is basicly the story of a boy, who wants to become Gypsy-Swing.Guitarrist in france.....
"Corre Gitano" is from the 80ies and takes place in Granada and Sevilla.
"Gadjo dillo" takes place in the romanian Gypsy community.

Thoose are the ones I have seen and I can recommend all of them. I`m sure many here will love thoose films..

val -> [Deleted] (Nov. 26 2009 15:33:17)

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