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NormanKliman -> looking for Paco granaína video (Nov. 24 2009 3:25:47)

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a video of Paco playing the opening chords to Reflejo de la luna. I'd swear that I saw this video a month or two ago, but I've been looking on YouTube and haven't found it. I remember seeing a very clear shot of his left hand doing those first chords. Everyone seems to have their own left-hand solution to the Ami7-G part and the G-F# notes on the first string, and it looked to me like Paco did it in yet another different way. Anyone know of this video? Thanks in advance.

mark indigo -> RE: looking for Paco granaína video (Nov. 24 2009 5:41:55)

i think there is a clip of this in the light and shade documentary,if that helps!

NormanKliman -> RE: looking for Paco granaína video (Nov. 24 2009 8:55:50)

Thanks Mark, but I didn't see what I'm looking for. That documentary starts with a bit of Reflejo de la luna, but I'm looking for another video where we can see him play the Ami7 and G chords heard in the beginning. I think it's concert footage, but better than mobile-phone quality.

By the way, in addition to the big mistake they made identifying Manuel Morao as Niño Ricardo (accompanying Mairena) there's also a reference to Camerón (it's spelled with an a not an e). Somehow I think Paco didn't have as much control over production as he would have liked.

But thanks anyway, I hadn't seen that documentary for some time. If anyone knows how I can find the video that I'm looking for, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Ricardo -> RE: looking for Paco granaína video (Nov. 25 2009 5:28:25)

NormanKliman -> RE: looking for Paco granaína video (Nov. 25 2009 11:19:00)

No wonder I couldn't find it! [:D]

Thanks Ricardo!

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