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el ted -> New Falseta Anthology (Oct. 17 2009 2:03:10)

Greetings Ladies,
There is a new Anthology of Flamenco falsetas in notation and tab on the market, compiled by a chap called Paul Jared Newman.
Anyone got there hands on it? Is it worth buying? I have an old Anthology by Ray Mitchell which is superb, and I'm tempted to buy this new collection.

dformell -> RE: New Falseta Anthology (May 10 2011 8:04:59)


This is an old post, talk about being a day late and a dollar short! Perhaps you already know this, you can view about half of the book for free via google books.
Included in the free viewing are all of the Soleares falsetas and some of the Alegrias.
Hopefully this helps.


Paul Magnussen -> RE: New Falseta Anthology (Jun. 26 2011 19:24:45)

I received a review copy for my flamenco column in Classical Guitar magazine. Here’s the review (it appeared in the Sep 2009 issue). Hope it helps:

Rincón Flamenco
No.57: Reviews

By Paul Magnussen

A New Anthology of Falsetas for Flamenco Guitar
Edited by Paul Jared Newman
The Bold Strummer (53 pages)

The author, a New Yorker, has considerable experience as a flamenco dance accompanist; but also a BA in Music from UC Berkeley. Which is fortunate, because it means that this opus is produced with a firmer grasp of how to indicate rhythm than some of the ramshackle productions I’ve seen over the years.

It consists of thirty-two falsetas, eight each of soleares, alegrías, bulerías and siguiriyas: ‘They have been chosen to represent the “bedrock” of flamenco style, reflecting tradition yet touched by invention and innovation, to provide a basis for understanding and ongoing exploration.’

The falsetas are presented in staff notation and tablature, and fully fingered; there are also chord diagrams where appropriate. Their technical standard ranges from quite simple to moderately difficult, but none is virtuosic. Original perpetrators include Montoya (2), Ricardo (1), Sabicas (3), Escudero (1), Peña (1), Lucía (9) and Diego del Gastor (2).

The only reservation I have is that some of this material has already been published elsewhere: for instance, Sabicas’s Aires de Triana appeared in Joseph Trotter’s book and in Volume 1 of the Gendai Guitar series of four, which also contained Lucía’s Recuerdo a Patiño; Alain Faucher’s book covers Montoya, of course.

That said, this collection can be thoroughly recommended.

P.S. I have now also received a CD, which the author tells me will be included with the book. It contains all of the falsetas, played slowly and clearly.

Mary -> RE: New Falseta Anthology (Oct. 4 2011 17:16:17)

I just purchased this and have it with me today at work. It looks like a great book and has an interesting short commentary to go along with the pieces. It has 53 pages and contains a total of 8 soleares, 8 alegrias, 8 bulerias, and 8 siguiriyas.

The Google book is not available for free, it is just there to provide a sample and is not meant for free distribution, much like book samples on Amazon.

pjn -> RE: New Falseta Anthology (May 30 2017 12:22:44)

I am the author of the above mentioned book and would like to mention that it is now available directly from me. A Foro member who just ordered a copy heard about it here, after lo these many years.

Thanks, pjn

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