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JBASHORUN -> Granada in October (Sep. 7 2009 12:44:06)

Hola folks (been a while, hasn't it?! [:)])

I may be passing through Granada towards the end of October and was wondering if anyone could suggest a few things to see (and perhaps avoid)? I know this sort of thread probably comes up quite a lot, but I'd appreciate any responses.

I won't have much time, as its only a short trip and its possible that I may also be visiting Seville and/or the Costa Del Sol.

Would like to sample some Flamenco, for at least one day/evening, without obviously being exposed to the usual tourist-traps and pitfalls. However, recommendations for non-live-music events are also most welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Ron.M -> RE: Granada in October (Sep. 7 2009 13:03:37)


It sure has been a while!

What's been happening with you man?

Spill da beans...[:D]

Good to hear from you again!!



JBASHORUN -> RE: Granada in October (Sep. 7 2009 13:40:11)

Not much, I'm afraid- I've just been chained (metaphorically) to a desk for the last year or so, and therefore unable to spend much time on the foro. [&o]

However, my slave masters ARE generous enough to grant me a small amount of annual leave, so I'm planning to make good use of it! [:)]


krichards -> RE: Granada in October (Sep. 7 2009 23:43:39)

Pena de Plateria on a Thursday night is a must. Its the oldest Pena in Spain and gives a public performance every Thursday.

It was excellent when I was there.

Its on a street in the Albaicin with a similar name, something like Calle Plateria.

Kate -> RE: Granada in October (Sep. 8 2009 2:33:21)

The Peña Platería is in Placeta Toqueros. You may also get lucky and it could be the Flamenco Festival de Otoña. Not sure of the dates yet. If there are no theatre shows going on, check at the box office at Teatro Isabel Catolica, a stroll along the Sacromonte could be fruitful. Ignore the tablaos and the the buses of tourists, have a drink at Pibe's and watch the flamencos all going to work, later on head for the Bulería, or the Cueva de Pepe Luis Carmona. I was there the other day and Juan Habichuela Nieto played, Pepe Luis sang, there were some excellent palmeros, and Rafalin Habichuela also played. Not a show just a normal night out. Drinks are expensive and no brand name you would recognise. Froggoff Vodka anyone ? Another venue is AL Sur De Granada on Calle Elvira, you will see posters all over town for this telling you who is on. And of course the Eshavira, sunday night flamenco, again posters all over town.

Let us know when you have your dates fixed.


r0bbie -> RE: Granada in October (Sep. 8 2009 13:29:24)

Hey Bash, where have you been???

I wondered where you went and asked about you in one of the more serious topics on this forum (about Blanca)

If you need help dealing with the slave masters maybe I can organise something? I have a white belt in karate, I am 180 cm high and have a weight of 73 kilo but I can be mean little bast**d [;)] when needed !

Good to hear from you!

About your question,
I am sorry, cant help you with that [:(]

Cheers and hope to see you more often!

Adam -> RE: Granada in October (Sep. 9 2009 19:54:52)

Nothing better than Club Eshavira on a Sunday night! 'specially if Emilio is playing.

Argh, I miss Grana'!

Doitsujin -> RE: Granada in October (Sep. 10 2009 10:35:03)

Im in Madrid in the beginning of November. Can´t wait to check some conde guitars. I hope I dont get a redout because of these criminal prices.....

JBASHORUN -> [Deleted] (Sep. 11 2009 12:45:15)

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