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mrMagenta -> Golpe and Martillo marks in transcriptions etc (Aug. 11 2009 13:53:45)

I've been playing around with musicXML. It's is a cross platform/program format for notation, sort of like html but instead of describing a web page it describes sheet music.

I asked the authors about how one would go about adding marks for golpes in guitar notation and currently the only way is by doing your own special-case implementation, which then won't show up if you try to look at the score in finale or sibelius or whatever.

However the people at Recordare asked for reference-pictures of golpes and martillos, perhaps so they can implement these to the standard.

I thought I'd ask you guys first as I don't know if there are many standards about and which would be the ones to give as reference. Usually golpe is noted by a square, and I've seen Martillos marked as a type of star shape with drop-like round edges. But I've seen golpes marked by small pointy stars too.. Any opinions on how a standard notation for these ought to look?

Ricardo -> RE: Golpe and Martillo marks in transcriptions etc (Aug. 12 2009 9:26:13)

X or square shapes.

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