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rombsix -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 17 2011 16:13:29)

Ricardo -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 17 2011 18:43:06)

Nice. He can still play pretty good!

Anders Eliasson -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 18 2011 8:27:32)

I havent heard Miguel for 1,5 years He is in a residence now getting fatter.

But last time I heard him was great. He´s such an anarchistic player. Totally in his own music world and he doesnt care about sounding in a ceratain way. He just plays his cruel and deep version of flamenco. No nails, just digging hard so that everything sounds scary and rattly.

They really love him here in Huelva. But they should have done so and helped him 10 years ago when he really needed it and was left in the street. But maybe they didnt know what to do just like me when I saw him playing with 3 strings and 1 shoe. Dirty, smelly and with a far away look in his eyes.

M.S.A. -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 18 2011 16:19:16)

Hey everyone, just a little update on Miguel, who is getting really better and healthier and shortly will have an appearance in concert 29th of November in "La Cartuja Theater" in Sevilla and as you can see, he is in a SUPERB FORM!! which already almost comes close to his best years. I mean, those fingers now are totally sober...


gbv1158 -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 18 2011 18:34:52)


He just plays his cruel and deep version of flamenco.

yes!.. "cruel and deep flamenco".....a way to "play" flamenco very very close to the "heart" of this magic music..... one hundred miles far away from the "flamenco business". I love him!
his personal tragical life- mirror of our sick society - adds now strength and unique quality to his way of playing the "guitarra flamenca".


HolyEvil -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 18 2011 19:13:20)




thank u for posting.. I did enjoy it greatly..
maybe once he is back on his feet, he can help others in his old situation.

orsonw -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 20 2011 11:41:27)

Performing in Seville

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Paul Magnussen -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 20 2011 23:19:57)


his personal tragical life- mirror of our sick society

Exactly what did happen to him?

The notes on his Grandes Guitarras del Flamenco disc cite "psychological problems", which I took to be the usual euphemism for over-indulgence in various substances. Can you be more specific?

M.S.A. -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 20 2011 23:55:00)

well, you are correct there, your implicit assumption is correct..
..anyway, now he's quite a different person from what he's been known up till now and his way of playing is whole another story now as well.
I think, his love for guitar and feeling, that this new generation still cares about his genuine and original flamenco, did enormous part in his present, almost miraculous recovery. Two years ago he was on the age, almost died.. that photo from "la sombra de las cuerdas" movie is very outdated now. Cause this is how he looks now>

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Anders Eliasson -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 21 2011 8:03:41)

Miguel is diagnosticated Esquizofrenia paranoide.

I dont know what its called in English but I think its understnadable. Besides that he has been living in the streets and been a dug abuser for decades.

Its good to see him getting fat. Anyone is going to the show?

Paul Magnussen -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 21 2011 16:57:14)


Miguel is diagnosticated Esquizofrenia paranoide.

I dont know what its called in English but I think its understnadable.

Paranoid schizophrenia. Thanks, Anders. Triggered by the drugs, I would guess. What a waste.

gbv1158 -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 21 2011 19:18:20)

What I know is that the personal story of N.Miguel and his alleged addiction to drugs and alcohol that led to his schizophrenia is connected to the period of transition in his life, at the time as young guitar player with no money could have become a celebrity.

Some how He has not been able to shape his inner personality to the "demands of the show", finding very difficult to adapt himself to the new reality, so He (as many other) has been "overwhelmed" and pushed in the opposite direction : towards interiority.

Once on the road to interiorize everything that happens around - in a social contest where no one care "who really" you are-but everybody are interested only to make money with your talent, the end is already written: alcohol, drugs, and mental problems (in complete solitude and general disinterest) you know it is a tipical way of our society to deal with artists and poets.

As all know, schizophrenia in general result from a failure to proper integration of the individual in the group (family, society, etc.) due to lack of space and time dedicated to one's specific personality because the group ” needs” people "easy" to integrate!.

However, it is great that the flamenco community, now that it is enlarged,has again turned its attention to N.M.

By the way, I hope that if some foro-members goes now to the N.M. show, makes a registration of it!


rombsix -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 22 2011 4:46:46)

Rmn -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 23 2011 11:10:25)

I'm going to his concert next thuesday in sevilla. any body else?

Niño Miguel en concierto en Sevilla
19/11/2011 Informativos CanalSur

La directora del Instituto Andaluz del Flamenco, Mª Ángeles Carrasco, ha presentado en Sevilla el excepcional concierto que el guitarrista onubense 'Niño Miguel' ofrecerá el martes 29 de noviembre. Una cita muy esperada por la afición al flamenco, pues hace más de seis años que el artista no se sube a un escenario. Le han acompañado en el acto, además de los organizadores, Benoît Bodlet y Chechu García-Berlanga, su hijo, Ángel Vega.

“Niño Miguel es un guitarrista de guitarristas, fuente de conocimiento de otros compañeros de profesión y uno de los artistas más grandes que ha dado Huelva para el flamenco”, ha recordado Carrasco en su interveción, en la que también ha agradecido a los organizadores haber hecho partícipe al Instituto Andaluz del Flamenco en un evento tan importante.

Por su parte, tanto Benoît Bodlet como Chechu García-Berlanga, han destacado la maestría de Niño Miguel, protagonista del documental que firman ambos 'La sombra de las cuerdas', en el que se resume la trayectoria del artista. Bodlet ha comentado cómo se gestó este proyecto: “tras varias reuniones, le propusimos volver a escena tras haber pasado una mala situación personal y aceptó. Creemos que es un buen momento para dar un concierto y mostrar su arte” y “Sevilla es un punto importante para recuperar a Miguel”, apostilla García-Berlanga
El concierto se celebrará en el Teatro Central de Sevilla el próximo martes, 29 de noviembre, a las 21.00 horas. Las entradas, “casi agotadas”, están a la venta en la calle San Luis, 120, y tienen un precio único de 15 euros. El Instituto Andaluz del Flamenco ha participado en la iniciativa cediendo el espacio escénico.

Paul Magnussen -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 23 2011 19:57:52)

I hope he’s prepared properly: a lot is going to hang on this concert.

If he’s brilliant, the word will go round like lightning. And also if he isn’t.

XXX -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 23 2011 20:21:04)

Anybody care to briefly translate what TOmatito has to say about him, starting at 17:00?

Anders Eliasson -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 24 2011 8:59:56)

He talks about that he can hear the same touch in his kids playing and that Niño Miguels pulsation is something that the "tomates" (the family) have.
That even though they are far away you can always note the "stamp" of the family. And hopefully will we one day reach the point where we play what you can feel in Miguels playing. He feels very sorry for what has happened to Miguel in his life and thinks that Miguel has only been able to devellop 10% of what he would have been capable of doing.

I´ve decided that I´m not going to the show. I have my weekly 4 hours monster class on accompanying cante at the same time and thats more important to me. Besides I´ve heard him a couple of times when after his period with one shoe and 3 strings, when he was sober, drug free and living with his mom. I´ve been sitting right beside him when he was playing and it was great.

M.S.A. -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Nov. 30 2011 22:15:01)

a brief excerpt from yesterday's concert of Gran Miguee. Still not the most he could have done, but I think much better than what he used to play during the times of his personal hell.

Anders Eliasson -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Dec. 1 2011 7:18:43)

Thanks for the upload

I dont really care about the fact that Miguel doesnt play the way he did when he was 20....
I´ve seen him many times and what he plays on this video is different. Miguel is different. Its cleaner, a bit slower and the overall message is more balanced.
1 1/2 year ago, it was much more dramatic and often chaotic. very dirty playing and sudden bursts of energy.
He´s playing now reflects his fysical appereance. He´s cleaner, fatter and much more relaxed.

I´m so happy for him and I hope that he´s life from now on will be peacefull.

M.S.A. -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Dec. 1 2011 9:48:43)

You said how it is. His playing is a reflection of his improved condition. I am also very happy for him and hope he will continue this way further on. I am delighted to see such improvement from virtually hopeless state. cheers

M.S.A. -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Dec. 2 2011 12:04:46)

Vals Flamenco

M.S.A. -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Dec. 2 2011 12:05:48)


M.S.A. -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Dec. 2 2011 12:08:08)

EL EMIGRANTE of Juanito Valderrama

M.S.A. -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Dec. 2 2011 12:10:05)


M.S.A. -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Dec. 2 2011 12:22:08)

a MUST HEAR piece

gbv1158 -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Dec. 2 2011 15:00:14)

MANY MANY thanks for the video clips!


Elie -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Dec. 2 2011 15:04:59)

Ole it's great to see him back
love how that 'Vals Flamenco' was interpreted

Ricardo -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Dec. 2 2011 20:00:49)

I applaud his recovery and comeback....but can't help to point out that, as per older discussions, he is playing lots of PDL stuff STILL!!![;)]

M.S.A. -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (Dec. 2 2011 22:04:20)

True, Ricardo. Although I don't think he would be totally dependent on interpreting Paco or whoever else, but he still does it as countless others do, as well. Well the audience seems to demand it so why the heck not..(: Marketing, you know.

Other than that, have you realized he often uses A(down)M(down)I(down) A(up)M(up)I(up) rasgueados? and I am not entirely convinced that they would sound as good as the ordinary ones A(down)M(down)I(down)I(up). I am wondering why would someone choose this one over the standard one. Do you have any comment on that? I believe it is much easier to do, but the sound and effect is quite different so it just surprised me a bit. And I know he is totally capable playing the right technique cause I saw him playing it number of times.

MarcChrys -> RE: El Nino Miguel!!! (May 14 2014 9:16:25)

I knew OF Nino Miguel, but I'd only really started listening/watching him via YouTube videos quite recently. All I can say is 'I'm blown away'! I like Anders' phrase 'cruel and deep version of flamenco'. His early stuff is so effortlessly melodic and inventive. His later street performances (though ragged) have a profound raw emotional power that made me recall what flamenco is at its deep root (not just technical speedfreakery, Vicente-lite ambience, or jazzy rumbas). Real soul. Very underrated in my opinion. RIP Miguel.

ps the photo of him as an 'old' man, cradling his guitar, reminds me very much of a Picasso painting.

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