1966 Conde Hermanos: tuners (Full Version)

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Guest -> 1966 Conde Hermanos: tuners (Aug. 13 2004 14:45:40)

Hi everyone,

I have a 1966 Conde Hermanos which I don't know a great deal about. The only information I can find is the internal sticker, reading:

Ano 19 / Gravino, 7 / Atocho, 53 / Madrid Espana

It is amazingly light, has a wonderful bright yet warm tone and fast action.

The only problem at the moment are the tuners - pegs - one of which is broken. What are your thoughts on replacing these with more modern machine heads or should I persist and have the pegs maintained?

Also if anyone knows any more about the history of this particular model, I'd be most interested to hear about it.


- Andy

Jim Opfer -> RE: 1966 Conde Hermanos: tuners (Aug. 13 2004 16:53:06)

Can´t advise on the history very much other than to say that the 60´s were generally good years for Gravina Condes.

What is the headstock like?

I´d have the peg replaced and give them all a dusting with French chalk to make them turn easily. If you have machines fitted the balance will be altered and that nice light weight feel you describe, might be lost.


munk -> RE: 1966 Conde Hermanos: tuners (Aug. 14 2004 2:22:45)

Thanks for your reply Jim,

Here are two very dodgy photos of the headstock


Certainly the pegs contribute to the overall charm of the instrument, and I don't think I'd want to comprimise its weight. Though, would work need to be done on the bridge if the tuners were replaced?

- Andy

crowduck -> RE: 1966 Conde Hermanos: tuners (Aug. 14 2004 20:36:53)

You might want to consider mechanical pegs. They look like the traditional solid wooden pegs, but have an internal geared mecanism, and they are not too heavy.
Check out this website: www.pegheds.com

munk -> RE: 1966 Conde Hermanos: tuners (Aug. 15 2004 1:45:42)

Thanks crowduck, they certainly look promising. I might have a look around to see if I can source them in Australia. Will let you know how I go!

Jim Opfer -> RE: 1966 Conde Hermanos: tuners (Aug. 18 2004 17:51:03)


Looks like an 'Esteso' if so could be quite valuable collector's guitar.

This is the link to the Gravina site, if you haven't already been there


I'd send them some pics and see if they can help pin point the label.

Good luck

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