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Fergusito -> flamenco violin (Jul. 5 2009 13:22:32)

I have started playing with a violinist who is getting into flamenco has an excellent ear. She wants to know if there is anywhere you can study flamenco violin. Has anyone any experience of playing with violin or anything at all really to do with Flamenco and violin.

Morao -> RE: flamenco violin (Jul. 5 2009 23:11:37)

Do you know Alexis Lefevre? An excelent (french) Flamenco violin player.

He plays on the new Vicente Amigo Album and Alexis´ band Ultra High Flamenco is a good reference for Flamenco violin. Just here the Album UHF.

XXX -> RE: flamenco violin (Jul. 6 2009 0:53:07)

We do two numbers with violin. One instrumental tangos the other one is Sara Baras' farruca (you can see it on YouTube).
Also on YouTube, Antonio Rey has a video with violin. Ramon Jimenez has also violin on his album, so does Chicuelo, Antonio Rodriguez. Most of it is just to enhance, if not to say, accompany the rest of the music. So it is the question what your teacher wants to do with flamenco violin. A solo violin performance, maybe buleria, would be the killer! But i have yet to come accross such a thing.

Guest -> RE: flamenco violin (Jul. 6 2009 6:48:53)


A visit to Jerez is indicated! There, Bernardo Parilla gets most of the gigs, being gitano and sobrino de Parilla, though my favourite by far is David Moreira. Also in Jerez, and more accesible, is Sophia Quarenghi.

Any excuse for visiting Jerez is a good one[:D]


Fergusito -> RE: flamenco violin (Jul. 7 2009 15:19:16)

Thanks for your comments. Amr Amilikian and Jose luis monton play some very nice stuff together worth checking out. I agree with you sean any excuse to got Jerez and I'm there maybe see you at the festival next year in Feb March.

Adam -> RE: flamenco violin (Jul. 8 2009 20:19:58)

Ooooh, my favorite flamenco violin is the guy who plays with Johannes Linstead. Their flamenco is so dreamy. My next favorite is violin in Strunz and Farah.

Seriously, though, Emilio Maya plays with a violinist (also, incidentally, named Maya) and it's a pretty good combo. There are a few vids on YouTube if you just look Emilio up... they rock his zapateo out.

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