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Rob -> Paco de Lucia guitar for sale (Aug. 1 2004 17:54:35)

Only two months old...

Well, this might need some explanation to you guys[:(]...

My last email was on the lines of 'what is flamenco guitar all about'. I was having trouble with composition, improvisation, etc, etc. When I do things, I don't do them by halves, so the last couple of months have been very intense. I have been trying to do too many things - jazz, blues (I played last month at the Dundee Blues Bonanza), latin american guitar, slide guitar, and flamenco....something had to give. Clearly I'm not as young as I used to be, and I am finding it really difficult keeping so many balls in the air. So I have come to a major decision to refocus on the lute. I have recorded seven CDs of the stuff, so it is very much the thing I feel most at home with. So I am buying a baroque lute and am selling not just the PDL guitar but all my electric stuff as well. I am keeping only a cheap but good nylon guitar and a cheap but good string guitar for teaching purposes.

I have put all my For Sale items at the following address:

Please Ron, no Flamenco Puritan lectures[;)]

PS I love what I have learned about flamenco in such a short time! It really is a great art form. And that knowledge is worth the effort. I can hear so much more, and appreciate so much more, when I listen to flamenco recordings. Time not wasted...

Florian -> RE: Paco de Lucia guitar for sale (Aug. 1 2004 18:05:06)

I am sory to hear of your decision Rob but i gues you know where your heart is..

Your guitar looks greate !! if i had the money I would be the first one to buy it. I am sure youl have no problem selling it.

Escribano -> RE: Paco de Lucia guitar for sale (Aug. 1 2004 18:35:44)

It's always healthy to focus on what you love - as you say, it was not time wasted and who knows, you might be back! Good hunting.

Miguel de Maria -> RE: Paco de Lucia guitar for sale (Aug. 1 2004 18:57:27)

Rob, it was nice knowing ye. You can still come along and let us know what's going on, and so we can see how your career is doing. I guess my nickname of Rob "El Uud" wasn't far off, hmm? By the way, have you heard Carlos Paredes the Portugeuse guitar player? Increible!

Ron.M -> RE: Paco de Lucia guitar for sale (Aug. 1 2004 20:09:54)


So I have come to a major decision to refocus on the lute.

Best thing I've heard Rob.

It's fun experimenting with new music, but starting from scratch is hard and especially if it's gonna take the next 50 years of your life to get a handle on the stuff!
You are a superb lute player Rob.
(Hope you didn't take any offence to my rendering of "Niel Gow's Last BulerĂ­a" in Dundee!)
As I told you, I play your "Healing" album from time to time and the musicality is stunning.
Your knowledge and feeling in playing is something that will never leave you.
It's been a "fling"...Now get back to work!!

But don't forget Jim and me! [:o]

cheers and all the luck for the future,


Rob -> RE: Paco de Lucia guitar for sale (Aug. 2 2004 9:28:09)

Thanks for all the kind comments. I'll keep looking in every now and then. Could someone please forward my for sale notice to any groups or individuals who they might think would be interested?

Yours aye,
El Ud

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