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bailoro2000 -> Son de la frontera (Jul. 28 2004 10:29:37)

Hi all.

Check out deflamenco's article on the group "Son de la frontera" and catch the solea clip
on audio. Estela is meeting with the group leader this am and will publish her interview
on deflamenco shortly. I am in love with this CD already just from the tracks. Would love to hear some guitarist views on these guys.


zata -> RE: Son de la frontera (Aug. 1 2004 22:54:36)

Hi Jim and everyone:

The interview took place, very interesting, I do like this group. These young men are from Morón and really found the secret to bringing the Moron sound up-to-date, with knowledge and taste. The music is a delight, the cante is top notch and there's dancing as well (but it's mostly an instrumental record).

As it happens I won't be able to get the interview written for up to ten to fifteen days since I'm leaving for the La Unión festival in a couple of days, and that requires full-time coverage. However I would recommend anyone remotely fond of the Moron sound to go ahead and get the record, you won't regret it. At the following link it's 13.50 euros:

It would be nice to have an opinion from the first person who gets it.

Estela 'Zata'

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