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Jon Boyes -> Jim/Ron - how are the strings? (Jul. 9 2004 12:34:23)

Guys, I recall you both tried out a load of differents strings recently. Just wondered how you got on?

(OK, I admit, I'm desperate to talk about anything but buleria..[:D])


Jon Boyes -> RE: Jim/Ron - how are the strings? (Jul. 9 2004 12:35:34)

Hell, tell me about the weather in Scotland, ANYTHING!!!

(gibber, gibber, twitch...)



Ron.M -> RE: Jim/Ron - how are the strings? (Jul. 9 2004 13:23:26)

Hi Jon,
Jim's the string experimenter, not me!
I've always just used Savarez "Red Card".
Jim uses those thin carbon trebles, but I'm not keen on them...I find my fingertips sore after playing for a while with them.

The weather in Scotland? (well, Grampian)...Gloomy, with the rain coming down in 2's.



PS Who's gonna tell Todd that his Buleria may not be in compás? [:D]
(I might be daft, but not that daft!)

Jim Opfer -> RE: Jim/Ron - how are the strings? (Jul. 12 2004 8:35:03)

Hi Jon,

Dreadful here, overcast, threatening and cold.

Not as bad although as our amigos in New York where that big tidal wave engulfed Manhattan and the place all froze up and the folks turned to ice in an instant under the eye of that terrible storm. Ugh! The weather!

Strings continue to torment me (any distraction from hard work I guess). I keep hearing those beautiful sounds on CD's and always ask myself, what strings are they?

Can't beat Savarez Corum Alliance although I put on a set of Savarez Solista crystals (Ron's red card) and they're very good too.
All the rest seem like cheep plastic dross.


Rob -> RE: Jim/Ron - how are the strings? (Jul. 12 2004 18:09:22)

I put the black La Bellas on on Friday. Replaced them on Saturday with the red La Bellas. Replaced them on Monday. Both reduced the volume of the instrument by half and sounded like plastic. The only nylon strings my local shop had were Augustine reds - not the best, but they sound WAY better than the La Bellas. Must find out what my guitar had originally. No sign or Alliance strings anywhere on the East coast, Jim. I'll try www.stringsdirect.com.

I'm moving to Edinburgh in August (20th) where there is quite a large Spanish scene. Many Spaniards come to the English language schools in Edinburgh for the whole year. We shall see what transpires...

(Al Golpe - I like that, Ron!)[:D]

Rob -> RE: Jim/Ron - how are the strings? (Jul. 12 2004 18:11:32)

...that should be www.stringsdirect.co.uk


Patrick -> RE: Jim/Ron - how are the strings? (Jul. 12 2004 19:56:06)


Must find out what my guitar had originally.


It's very likely your PDL came with Saverez Corum basses. It's my understanding Carillo ships his guitars with Corum's. I don't know what trebles he puts on, but I am sure they are Saverez as well.

You might try www.stringsbymail.com. They are in the US and you will likely have to pay duty. Ask Ron about them. I think he was very pleased.


Rob -> RE: Jim/Ron - how are the strings? (Jul. 13 2004 7:21:41)

Thanks Patrick. I'll follow that up.


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