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michel -> Manuel Granados (Apr. 23 2009 4:17:04)

In the year 2001 i had a 3-days workshop with Manuel Granados in Dijon/France
and i saw him in concert: it was a great inspiration for me and i bought his instructional books. Now that i'm starting practicing again i'd like to know if he will do further workshops in france or spain, his official website seem to be under construction since a long time, does anybody knows if he's still doing workshops?


minordjango -> RE: Manuel Granados (Apr. 30 2009 19:27:58)

thats great your so lucky,
i love his sound and ideas through his instructional books, im interested also in his workshops, what stuff did he go through ??

is there much flamenco or even jazz workshops in France lately, man id love to attend one with Bireli,lagrene - hes a demon player

michel -> RE: Manuel Granados (May 3 2009 23:55:43)

Hi minordjango
yes it was really interesting, we worked on solea and i choosed siguiryas for my personal lesson with him. He also made a speech about harmony and how to switch between different tonalities.
Bireli lagrene was born a few kilometers from my village, he is a great player. i saw him with sylvain luc during the jazz festival basle a few years ago but i don't know if he's also teaching.

minordjango -> RE: Manuel Granados (May 4 2009 2:49:46)

oh thats cool man, Bireli and sylvain luc are brilliant all birelis albums are so cool , and isnt sylvain amazing hes such a groove player.

Granados must be teaching some where, all track him down, i hope

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