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Stu -> Hello!!! (Mar. 18 2009 12:46:24)

Just wanted to say Hi!

And also wanted to say sorry for not entering the challenge after a I said I would, didn't mean to disrespect anyones hard work (Flo).

Been really busy rehearsing a play, its mentally and physically taking its toll and just haven't had time or energy to read/post on foro or play guitar in eve, although I've been playing during the rehearsals quite a bit!!
I'm playing a tiny bit of Flamenco in the play, dunno how it happened but its all good.... I think!

So whats been going on? Who won the challenges?????

Hope everyone is well


Ailsa -> RE: Hello!!! (Mar. 18 2009 13:32:29)


Been really busy rehearsing a play

Brilliant news that you are acting atm! Let us know how it goes.

Well deserved winners for both the challenges, and we've started a new beginners challenge already!

mark indigo -> RE: Hello!!! (Mar. 18 2009 14:11:03)

is this the "people who haven't been around much lately" thread? me too.

my excuse is i've been playing a lot, and getting out and about playing, and practising instead of coming here.... oh and my girlfriend moved in so it's been a bit hectic and chaotic etc. etc.

i missed the challenges too, maybe next time....

Jenny -> RE: Hello!!! (Mar. 22 2009 12:18:31)


Yeah, realised I didn't enter the comp and didn't let people know either.. Sorry about that - I had a big bit of work to do, and went to Jerez the day after I finished it.



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