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veet -> study in Jerez (Feb. 14 2009 17:32:04)

Hi, I'm going to Jerez the first two weeks of March, for the Festival. Been away a couple of years. Does anybody have a take on the current teaching status of Fernando Moreno or Balao? Or, to broaden the question, does anyone have any recommendations for guitar private teachers? I've been to Carbonero numerous times, it's time for a change.


Thomas -> RE: study in Jerez (Feb. 14 2009 23:49:55)

Hi Veet,
I would recommend Pepe Justicia. He's a great guitarist and a nice chap...and also speaks english if necessary....
Here is his myspace link:


xirdneH_imiJ -> RE: study in Jerez (Feb. 15 2009 1:05:20)

you could contact Santiago Moreno through his webpage...
he play for his sister MarĂ­a del Mar Moreno, an accomplished accompanyist, i'm not sure about his solo stuff (if you're interested in that mainly) though, as i never heard him play solo...

Jenny -> RE: study in Jerez (Mar. 2 2009 9:34:58)


I'm going to go this Saturday and have been as well organised as ever with sorting out lessons... [&:][&:]

I reckon I'll try El Carbonero, but can't find out how to contact him - do you just turn up? or is there a way of contacting him in advance? I know I'm being a bit last minute but would be dead grateful if any of you could tell me,

In return will try to video good stuff while I'm there and post here... [8|][:D]



EDIT: just found a phone number - dammit, will have to try my rubbish Spanish out...[:@]

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